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Coaching is a process of co-operation between the coach and the client, with the aim of increasing the individual’s personal and business potential and achieving the set goals faster. I tailor each coaching program to the individual, according to his needs and wishes.

The most common topics of coaching:

  • Loss of job, what now?
  • I want a change in my life.
  • I want better communication.
  • I wish you a better self-esteem.
  • I want harmonious relationships.
  • How to deal with the disease …

When we can successfully cling to our commitments and have enough time, money and energy is shown on our faces in the form of a smile in our sincere happiness.

Due to obligations, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to harmonize domestic and business life, coaching helps us to achieve a better balance and, therefore, a more supportive environment. 

Self-esteem has a strong influence on relationship around us: the more healthy our self-image, the more harmonious relationships can be built.

More than we have options, our choices are freer and less stress is brought. Freedom gives us the feeling that we have more opportunities in life.

What will coach do?

  • Move you out of the comfort zone.
  • Allow you to look at problems differently.
  • Help you solve complex problems.
    Help you to find simple solutions.
  • Confront you with your own obstacles.
  • Show things you did not think about.
  • Help you stay focused.
  • Help you stop procrastinate and reminds you of the action.
  • Help you set goals that will motivate you.
  • Help you do more than you think you can.
  • Will be with you from start to finish.


Make Coaching4me your partner to

  • enough time
  • enough money
  • a little stress
  • just the right amount of work

Coaching4me approach

1. Introductory call – Everyone is a story for themselves and everyone needs a different approach. The introductory conversation is intended for the individual to get acquainted with coaching and solve any possible issues.

2. Coaching plan Each goal is unique and each requires its own path. Together with the client, we prepare a plan and basic guidelines and define goals. In this step, it is important that the customer give enough time to explore all the factors.

3. Coaching sessions. The next step is when a client and myself as a coach bite into the work and have only one goal before us. This part takes the form of telephone coaches, coaching live, e-mail, …

4. Monitor development. This is not necessarily the last step. Feedback is the red thread of the entire coaching process and also at the end of it. Feedback is also a tool for how the client is aware of both his own obstacles and his own potential for overcoming them.