From winner in sports to the winner of life

The sportsman’s career is much more limited in time than the career in other areas, but there are only a few of those who can be carefree at the end of it.

The Athlete’s Days are fairly alike, and the amount of freedom is dictated by the period in which an athlete is. Many parts of life stay aside because the sporting goals are more important.

Sometimes the end of a career is brought by years, sometimes different life interests or even injuries.

After the end of a career, the schedule is released, there is no longer an adrenaline, its role changes, and there comes the time for all other things.

And what to do when you can start to create life again

If during his professional time plans are based on the expectations and requirements of the surroundings and are largely aligned, it is now time for what athletes want and their needs.

The athlete is facing challenges at the end of his career, such as:

How to fill the day?
How to find a job?
How to finish education?
How to succeed in the entrepreneurial world,
How to build relationships, while spending more time at home, …

During a sport career, athlete must look beyond its borders, as this can be a strong motivational tool. I offer comprehensive monitoring of the athlete, through his career and in building his second career.

I mix the right balance between coaching and competence training to build.

Successful life
The athletes’ success should not end with a career but should activate the winner in other life challenges and achieve goals.

Better relationships 
Adaptability to different life situations in his life brings peace and at the same time allows him to deepen his relationships with those who are closest to him.

Better self-image 
The athlete is hungry of winning and victories are part of what they are, so the athlete must still win after the end of his career as that affects its self-esteem.

Power, perseverance, durability should live throughout the life of an athlete and they need to express it through, move and support. 

Coaching4me approach

1. Needs analysis
Every athlete is a story for himself and your goals need an individual approach. Together, we find out where the prospects are and what changes will bring the best effects.

2. Preparing the plan.
Choosing an individual plan for a shorter or longer period and the purpose of coaching, which will best suit the needs of the athlete. A long-term plan can be started already during an athlete’s career.

3. Implementation of development programs
Execution of individual coaching or training competencies or their combination. The duration of individual meetings is also defined.

4.Development monitoring
After completing a series of coaching packages, the results analysis and evaluation are followed. On the basis of the results we will define further guidelines and recommendations.”