Psychological development of athletes

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As a former sportswoman, I understand the athlete’s situation, but nevertheless, my professionalism leads me to put an individual athlete in the first place. Therefore, I offer:

– Holistic understanding of the athlete’s life.
– Co-operation with an athlete’s coach and surroundings.
– Immense confidence in the athlete’s ability to overcome obstacles.

Mental coaching for athletes

Victory depends not only on the physical preparation of the athlete but on the winning mentality. Everyone wants to be a winner. The one who succeeds is the one who can focus his mind at key moments and pull out the best he can. That is what makes the difference between a loser and the winner. The psychological preparation of athletes is necessary for the preparation of each athlete. It allows him to move his own boundaries and be a step ahead of the competition.

Life development of athletes.

For successful development, the athlete must master all parts of life. Personal, sports and career after sports. Athletes need to create a balance between work and family during their career. While looking beyond the boundaries of their careers. How to build a successful life outside sports venues and how to create a life on your own is often a question on which athletes cannot find an answer. Having a mental coach support makes living the life easier.

The career of an athlete differs greatly of individual segments from the career of other individuals. We always evaluate the athletes by what results they achieve. Only the biggest champions are often remembered. Only until the moment when the throne of best is taken by others. Therefore, the fight for existence and career advancement in sport is even greater and is primarily based on the athlete’s shoulders alone. The sportsman’s working tool is his body and during the years of training, it ensures that it is competitive and properly nurtured. Athletes’ mind is the one who sets limits on how well an athlete will take advantage of his working tool.

Mental coaching will help you get:

Better sports results  
Physical power has long been not the only factor that makes a winner from the athlete, but it is that inner warrior, which is not blocked by any external factor, nor an internal enemy.

Better life balance 
Due to frequent absence, the athlete hardly harmonizes domestic and sports life, mental coaching helps him to a better balance and thus a more supportive environment. 

Better self-esteem 
Athletes often bind their self-esteem to results, which is further complicated by stability. Better self-image is also important at a time when the athlete is exposed to the media and the sponsor.

A higher value on the market 
The sportsman creates a brand with his sporting results and thus his own survival. The higher the price on the market, the greater the chance for an athlete to arrange his life even after his career.

Athletes’ mind and psychological preparation

Training the body and skills of a particular sport facilitates a very precise measurement from various aspects. On the one hand, medicine can be provided for this, which can monitor the processes in the body on the basis of measurements, it can give suggestions and guidelines. On the other hand, there are sports trainers who can measure the speed, height, level of control of individual skills and thus measure progress.

How well a sportsman is ready for that one match, the one minute, it can not be measured so easily. When the time of the match comes, it is too late to determine the psychic readiness, then only the result can be seen. The mental preparation of an athlete is of exceptional importance in today’s competitive environment and has to be planned throughout the season.

Coach will
    • Move you out of the comfort zone.
    • Allow you to look at problems differently.
    • Help you solve complex problems.
    • Help you to find simple solutions.
    • Confront you with your own obstacles.
    • Show things you did not think about.
    • Help you stay focused.
    • Help you stop procrastinate and reminds you of the action.
    • Help you set goals that will motivate you.
    • Help you do more than you think you can.
    • Will be with you from start to finish.