My story

Once, I was given the task to choose the word that best represents me and tell the story of who I am and why this word represents me so strongly. This word is:


When I was a little girl, I was always impatient and eager to look over the shoulders of big adults and so I climbed to the shoulder of my father to widen the horizons. Later on, the father’s shoulders gave too little insight and lacked the horizons, so I began to march higher and higher, and because I wanted to see as quickly as possible more and more, I grabbed the first climbing handles and began to overcome the first obstacles in a different way.

Climbing was not just a form of physical activity, but a wild adventure exploration of myself.

In the little Maša began to grow power and self-awareness of one’s own existence, which enables me to live my life and build a life that answers too what I want and what I need. In addition to my own strength and driving force that helps me to overcome every obstacle, I achieve all my goals, I have repeatedly asked myself the question of what is the meaning of success and what is the success. My mission in this world is to make life better for other people, to be able to learn and mature with me and to prove to them that they can do it, as I do. So I need to achieve my goals and help them to reach their goals.

Climbing gave me one of the key guides in my life.

To achieve happiness, we have everything we need for it.

We have our own body, our soul, and we have a reason. The question and the challenge are how to use them and how much we have allowed our lives to surprise us, how much the world of the gift and the challenges of life is adapted and used.

As with all also to me, knowledge brings new insights that I need for new growth. So, at some point, I ended up with competing in climbing and deepened into books. Economics studies brought me to the business world. I directed my studies in international marketing both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The business world has asked me some questions and I needed to look at the other direction. Insight myself!

The business world is demanding and requires a personality, commitment, determination, focus, creativity, calmness … and I could still enumerate it. Just like sports. And then the questions arise: where am I? What do I want? What can I offer? What is my price for it?

In a search for the answers, I could answer these questions through learning Neuro-linguistic programming, mediation, and coaching.


Path, worthy of success, is not easy, and success has not been achieved by today to tomorrow. Personality is being built and it is changing and developing. Research can be fun, exciting, but often also brings frustration, doubts and stress. Coaching helps us to get empowered, confident and even more determined from these periods.

That’s why I’m COACH!

I help people, to their victories in business, sports, and personal life!