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Coaching is a process of collaboration between a coach and a client. It is based on stimulating the thinking and creative process of the client in order to increase his / hers personal and professional potential.  To achieve goals faster. That is  important in today’s complex business environment.

For a successful business in addition to an excellent product, service or business idea, you need excellent employees.

Expertise has long been insufficient for maximum work efficiency. So what makes the difference between good and top employees?

  • What kind of mental attitude do they have?
  • How are the tackling challenges?
  • What do they want?
  • What puts them in stress?

Coach is a person who will help your employees, develop their personal abilities and those that they need to effectively achieve goals.

The consequences of coaching will be seen in the company as an improvement in leadership, greater efficiency and better management of the time of their employees.

Coaching is suitable for employees who are faced with obstacles, key staff and those who will become so.

Coaching awakens your employees’ determination and motivation to achieve set goals and helps them overcome all obstacles to successful sales.

Proactive employees, who contribute more, generate lower costs by performing their processes optimally and at the same time aiming at progress. You can invest your savings to the company’s development.

Employees focus their efforts on optimizing the processes and growth of the company. They are creating the conditions for a creative contribution within the team.

With the growth of sales based on productive and efficient work processes carried out by motivated employees, you will overtake all competition.

Coaching4me approach

1. We set objectives of the organization – needs analysis. Employee development must follow the goals of the organization, so it is important to define the goals of the organization for the future period and on the basis of these goals determine the appropriate competencies of employees that are necessary for their achievement. Therefore, it is important to involve in the process both leadership and HR

2. We analyze of the current state and prepare the plan. Using a 360-degree analysis, we find out what the actual state of the individual competence is from the point of view of the whole company, individual department, and individual employee. On the basis of needs analysis and current situation, we prepare a plan covering each individual employee and the whole company.

3. We Implement development programs. The analysis of needs and actual situation shows the actual needs for competence development. The modes of competence development can take the form of competence training, team building, individual or group coaching.

4. We monitor employees development. Just as every process of developing a new product ends with the development of improvements or the development of a new product, employee development is a continuous process. A system of feedback and employee monitoring is introduced into the company as they develop.