A cost-effective way of employee development

Employee development is a very broad concept. But no matter how you define it, to the company always represents a cost. Often, this cost is evaluated only with the cost of education and other measures. But there should be also taking into a count the loss factor when employees are not adequately developed. 

Costs are important in managing the company. However the fact is that the biggest costs are employees who do not perform their work in optimum.

An integrated view of employee development, on the one hand, brings better business results. And on the other hand, it brings reducing costs associated with employee development and lower staff fluctuation.

In a demanding and difficult predictable business environment, a systematic approach to employee development is urgent. It promotes the development of employees on the one hand, while at the same time it ensures cost-effectiveness.

Systematic development of employees pursues the goals of the company.

The whole system of employee development covers all personnel processes. From recruitment, employee introduction, promotion within the workplace or in the company, to the departure from the company. If you want to deliver the best product or service to the market, it is only logical to provide the best employees for your company first.

When introducing systematic employee development, the employees themselves will recognize the areas in which they need to move forward in order to achieve their goals and objectives of the company. A systematic approach to employee development enables a very precise definition of the competencies that individual employees must win.  It looks at employees in a holistic way from the point of view of the employee, department, company, and market. This approach also enables companies better staff and process planning

Coaching4me enables the company to set up a system of employee development within the company. 

 The development of employees requires planning and precisely defined goals. When we follow this principle, we can also define the investment cost per employee and the return of this investment.

The consequence of systematic development of employees is a clear awareness of the company’s own goals and objectives. Employees who know their role in the company’s goals when they come to work will be more productive.

Employees with their work co-generate business results and when they recognize their part in the mosaic of common goals and are properly motivated and rewarded, they exceed the expectations of their superiors. 

Productive and affiliated employees will achieve the set goals and ensure that you will always be ahead of the competition. 

Coaching4me approach

1. We set objectives of the organization – needs analysis. Employee development must follow the goals of the organization, so it is important to define the goals of the organization for the future period and on the basis of these goals determine the appropriate competencies of employees that are necessary for their achievement. Therefore, it is important to involve in the process both leadership and HR

2. We analyze of the current state and prepare the plan. Using a 360-degree analysis, we find out what the actual state of the individual competence is from the point of view of the whole company, individual department, and individual employee. On the basis of needs analysis and current situation, we prepare a plan covering each individual employee and the whole company.

3. We Implement development programs. The analysis of needs and actual situation shows the actual needs for competence development. The modes of competence development can take the form of competence training, team building, individual or group coaching.

4. We monitor employees development. Just as every process of developing a new product ends with the development of improvements or the development of a new product, employee development is a continuous process. A system of feedback and employee monitoring is introduced into the company as they develop.

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