Excellent employees create excellent business results

If once the competition meant an inexorable fight for customers, today it also means fighting for excellent employees. Employees do not accept their services only as a job, but an opportunity for their own development and progress. Employees need constant development of their competencies both for their own development and for the development of your company.

People are the driving force of all processes in the company, and as people develop, processes are also developing. A respectable businessman, Richard Branson, in the light of the organization’s competitiveness, says:

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they do not want to.

Only trained and motivated employees can create a step ahead of the competition.

Expertise is the basis of competitiveness in today’s business environment. Which competencies are therefore the ones that create the difference between you and your competition?

Have you asked how well your employees have develop competencies of:

  • leadership,
  • creative thinking,
  • communication,
  • setting and achieving goals,
  • time management and
  • conflict management

Provide tailor-made key competence training for your employees.

More engaged employees
Employees who can develop their potential are more engaged to the company. Coaching in your employees awakens determination and motivation to achieve set goals and helps them overcome all obstacles, to successful sales.

Better relationships
Proactive employees who contribute more generate lower costs by performing their processes optimally and at the same time aiming at progress. Savings can be invested in company development.

Better creativity
Employees focus their efforts on optimizing the processes and growth of the company, creating the conditions for a creative contribution within the team will bring you the best results.

More satisfaction
Employees focus their efforts on optimizing the processes and growth of the company, creating the conditions for a creative contribution within the team.


Coaching4me approach

1. We set objectives of the organization – needs analysis. Employee development must follow the goals of the organization, so it is important to define the goals of the organization for the future period and on the basis of these goals determine the appropriate competencies of employees that are necessary for their achievement. Therefore, it is important to involve in the process both leadership and HR

2. We analyze of the current state and prepare the plan. Using a 360-degree analysis, we find out what the actual state of the individual competence is from the point of view of the whole company, individual department, and individual employee. On the basis of needs analysis and current situation, we prepare a plan covering each individual employee and the whole company.

3. We Implement development programs. The analysis of needs and actual situation shows the actual needs for competence development. The modes of competence development can take the form of competence training, team building, individual or group coaching.

4. We monitor employees development. Just as every process of developing a new product ends with the development of improvements or the development of a new product, employee development is a continuous process. A system of feedback and employee monitoring is introduced into the company as they develop.