Do I have the courage to do the leap of faith?

It’s funny how everything in life goes in circles. Everything comes around and you are reminded on why are you here.

I remember a few years ago we need to hire someone in the company that I worked and the decision was mainly mine. I looked a lot of CVs had a dozen interviews and there was one candidate for who I knew that we need to hire.  She was young, full of energy and the potential in knowledge was obvious. All that she was lacking was self-confidence about her abilities. And she became a part of the team. We didn’t regret our decision, not even for a day.

But there were two levels of seeing her job. The team needed her in one direction and the bosses were using her for all other things. The things came so far that she started to look for other challenges outside the company. In a year the team saw so much of her potentials that all we could do, was to encourage her to take the chance and go.

In all this process of her leaving the company in a week. All that was on my mind for her was:

You can’t start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart.

If the world that you live in (your personal environment, your job, your relationship, …) does not allow you to shine and sparkle you need to start a fire in a new one. All you need in this life is that you are who you want to be and who are you meant to be. We are given this life to use it in most fulfilling way possible.

We are responsible to do that, to use our potential, to grow, to contribute to this world our good side. Her leaving the company was a message for me that it’s time to take my leap of faith.

When she left she said that she couldn’t wish for a better mentor that I was. And she told me how much I helped her this year to evolve. That was the biggest gift that she could ever give me.

When I look back on her year and her growth and how many challenges, personal and professional she overcome am so proud of her. I know that whatever she puts her mind into she will succeed. And can’t wait to hear about her success in her life.

And I’m also thankful for everything she gave me.  She came into my life to remind me to dream, to hope and to believe that anything is possible.

In one way she reminded me of what I forgot to be.

And I think that giving those things on both sides we develop friendship who will outstand the fact that we are not working together anymore.

And all that she was thankful for, gave me even more motivation to proceed in my dream to be the best coach I can be.

Sometimes people that you inspire give you the best inspiration!