Let’s say I have two birthdays since now. My birthday is on 24th of March when I came to this world. And the second one on 10th of September when a climbing accident gave me a wakeup call.  To keep the long story short, I was sitting on a rock and it broke and I fell a few meters. The hamlet saved my life, and I think and believe that my guardian angel had a lot of work to do that day.

After that experience. I had a lot on my mind and busy days at work didn’t allow me to take a few days to recover. That’s why it only hit me harder. Physically my back and hips still hurt but I think that what is happening to me psychologically is a bigger challenge.

It kind of gave me a quick recheck of my life and what I’m doing with it. And all I saw is that I wasn’t very good to myself. I’m always pushing myself over the edge being hard on myself and always trying to do everything and to be there for everyone but in all this chaos I forgot to listen to myself. Before the fall there was a voice (you can call me crazy) that said put the hamlet back on. And I listen and thanks to that I’m alive today.

I admit that at one point I collapsed and the people around me didn’t even know what to do. Because for the last 30 years they saw Maša who can take everything. She will not ask for help as she didn’t want to be a burden for anyone. But you know everyone has its own limits. And surprisingly I do to.

I still strongly believe that I can achieve anything I want and wish and I will.

However, it’s also time to show pure Masa to the world. Maša behind the great wall of China. Aa friend who was there when I fell and he knows the pure Maša described my attitude with letting people close and letting people help me like that. I don’t know why I have the need to do everything by myself but it’s time to change that.

I have great plans for me and the goal isn’t changed I still follow my vision and will not give up. I just chose the different path to get there.

In order to do that, I will need to change some things and I know maybe it’s not going to be an easy change for me but I believe that it will set me free.

I need to be fair to myself and take care of myself so I need to set the same standards to people around me as I do to myself.

  • I do what I said I will do

I will still do what I said I will do. But my sympathy for those who say one thing and do another will be decreased. People who say things just because they sound great, or they think that they should say them, but they think, wish differently and later on do them differently are not people who I wish to have them in my personal space.

  • I’m there for everyone 24/7 they just need to ask

I know that my friends and family love me and often they wish to help me. I’m always there to jump in. It’s true that sometimes I don’t see the need but if someone ask me I will go on the other side of the planet for them. I feel really good when I can help them and be there for them. So my biggest challenge will be to let them be there for me and ask for help. I will need to learn to ask it.

  • I care and try to understand others

Understanding comes from sharing what’s going on inside someone, listening and putting things in a different perspective. I will need to learn how to express myself and how to help others to express themselves. To make sure I listen and that I’m heard. But most of all I only need people who care.

If you need me call me. 😉 and If I need you I will call you.