A lot of times happens to me that I get the question why Bruce Springsteen. And my answer surprises everyone and I think that even Bruce would be surprised.

The story why I admire Bruce Springsteen began a long time before I heard first song of him. Ever since I was little girl I was wondering what is my mission in this world and I know that even my parents were scared sometimes because they sometimes didn’t understand my deep thoughts. In life I never toke the easy way out I always needed to do more than others to get the same results, but I never got that as something that wouldn’t be fair to me because I always said that I am strong enough to handle this and I need to learn something from every situation. I was always interested in psychology but in the end went to study economy but life somehow always brought me back to psychology and about 3 years ago ( long after I heard first Bruce’s song) I figured out the connection between Bruce Springsteen and psychology. I don’t know if Bruce is doing that on purpose or he is just naturally gifted with a psychological concepts. The concepts of inner processes that sometimes even our-selfs have a hard time to admit them to our-selfs are hidden in almost every song.

I remember my first concert of him and I cant wait till my forth one on 3th of July. It was in Trieste in 2012. We were in front of the stage waiting for concert to begin. And then in one moment he was on stage and I was standing there and it felt like time would stop, he just smiled and looked at the crowd. I think I will remember that energy all my life. His energy, joy and his absolute devotion to every song and every fan there, was something that kept me speechless and made me thinking about this man. From that day lyrics became so much stronger and powerful and gave me a lot of answers. That brought me to the point I started to write this blog, because every song gives me a lot of inspiration. The only sad part is that I live a very busy life and don’t find time to write and share everything.

At beginning people were looking me kinda weird that I admire Bruce as much but more I admired him more people understand me :). And just for a glance the power of his words


You spend your life waiting,
For a moment that just don’t come,
Well, don’t waste your time waiting,

As the price you’ve gotta pay,
We’ll keep pushin’ ’til it’s understood,
And these badlands start treating us good.

Badlands is a song that remind me that I shouldn’t wait in life for things to happen and that I need to keep doing the things I love, that I believe in them and in the end I will reach my goals. In a way don’t wait for the opportunities to come, create them.

And on I could find some deeper meaning of all songs Devils and dust, Dancing in the dark, Your sward, Terry’s song, The wrestler and I can go on and on and on. Whenever I hear Bruce Springsteen song I just go somewhere, where anything is possible, where everyone can find his own place and where people matter. Sometimes are not the words that he is singing sometimes is the melody or sometimes its just his energy. For me he is one of biggest people of all time because he made his dream come true (talk about the dream try to make them real) and he stayed a man like any off us. And he is the prove that you can change peoples lives with just being who you are. He helped me with his music and his story behind the music and he inspired me to help others. My first step was the blog but now is the time for my next step and that is coaching accreditation so I can go to this world and help people to become the best version of themselves.

And when Bruce finished last tour I said to my friends he is coming back for my 30th Birthday. And because my friends didn’t manage to get Bruce my neighbor played me Bruce Springsteen songs on my surprise party a day before my Birthday one of best times of my life. One of my wishes for my birthday was also that my Grandpa would make me a painting of Bruce, which is a present that is more valuable than Mona Lisa for me. Of course my biggest wish would be to have a diner with him, because I have so much to ask him but for now I will just count days to the concert.