DSCF3506After crazy month in the office, hitting 30 and spring coming in, there is a lot in my mind. And once again life has proven that it only gets better with age. Every day we fight our own battles and trying to do the best. But in the end of the day the thing that only matters is our happiness.

And the concept of happiness is very abstract. What happiness is? What we need to be happy? Well that is very individual concept. But in general we can divide happiness in two levels. One level is current level and the other one is life happiness. We can be happy in the moment because of different factors like, someone tells a joke, you meet a friend you haven’t seen for a long time, you do something good, …. The things that makes us smile, laugh and feel good. And those things are happening to us every day and often are not completely dependent on us. And the other level of happiness is life happiness that makes us happy on the inside, that gives us life strength and it’s a source of optimism and life energy. That doesn’t just come to us we need to love ourselves to be reworded with life happiness.

Because it’s easier to look for outside stimulus for happiness often people seek for moments that provide them that stimulations. Having parties all the time, excitement on adrenalin sports, doing all source of things, just to get busy and get as much of that stimulations that they feel happy. But that is only current happiness. What happens when something in life changes that disables people to do all those things, they get sick, they lose their jobs, they change jobs, their car broke down, or people around them change life style, they broke up with their partner … The lack of current stimulus of happiness can bring people down and they often do what they know best look for the stimulus outside them, again they pick current one.

Concept of life happiness is much bigger than just a moment. It starts deep down inside of you. Life happiness is your inner state when you love yourself (not being narcissistic 🙂 ), feeling strong and emotionally independent. It takes a lot of work to really feel this not just telling yourself you do. Person who is happy can be by his self, enjoy his/hers privacy and live his or hers life in a way that fulfills him or her. I have been looking at people for couple of years now ever since I started to work on my life happiness and a lot of times people can bring out the whole show to convince other people and themselves that they are happy.

I also looked for happiness outside and in that outside stimulus and the disappointments were just coming in my life and the ups and downs were normal thing for me, I surrounded myself with people, who in my opinion should provide me happiness….. Ooohh I was so wrong and unfair. The only one responsible for my happiness is me.

My work on my life happiness is never ending story but it’s like a garden with every year it gets richer and more diverse and gives me more. I remember the times that I looked in the mirror and I didn’t see beautiful woman in there (so funny looking back on those times) now I know that I am kind, funny, sarcastic, smart, sexy woman with nice eyes. And feeling good about myself and being happy enables me to be good in relationships, to give more and to receive more, to set boundaries and to help others. Because of the work I did to become truly happy I am a better daughter, sister, friend, and employee and someday I will be the most awesome wife to someone.

And what I noticed not just on me but looking at other people is that inner happiness shows on the outside but not with loud noises and talking about how great they are and being In the center of attention (but look at that people especially). Look people in their eyes, their facial expression, and their posture and look at them when they smile and look in the connection between their smile and eyes. You will see who is happy and who is struggling to show the world that he or she is ok.

And al this I got just by hearing the song Sad eyes from Bruce Springsteen 🙂