I am back. Well I have been back from the trip more than a week. And, it was hard to get back to reality. The trip was more than perfect it was a journey in which I found myself again. Before I left, I said to myself, be open to anything and I was.  After one week I am still looking at pictures, organizing them and every time I realize that the most important memories remain uncaptured. The memories that showed me that life is so much more that I thought it is.  When I came back coworker said one word that got me even more blessed for this trip and the word was serendipity. Serendipity are those moments that you know that they didn’t happen by chance, but somewhere there is something that created those moments just for you to show new perspective, to bring new people in your life and to give you hope for better tomorrow.


One of the best ways to explain the meaning of the word is to look at its origin. The word serendipity was first used by Horace Walpole who included it in a letter to Horace Mann in the 18th Century. He described it as being inspired by a Persian fairy tale: The Three Princes of Serendip (Serendip being an old word for Sri Lanka). In this story he said, the three heroes were always ‘making discoveries by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of’. (source)

The journey was so full of moments that I thought that can only happen in the wildest dreams that in one point I thought I was dreaming.  Altogether I can say that following realizations changed how I look at things now.

We are working each day not to die without even find the time to live

DSCF2499People of Sri Lanka really don’t have much. They are blessed that in nature they can find enough food and that climate is kind. They can provide enough food with their work. Although they don’t have much they are happy, they are kind and you know that they are grateful for little that they have. That got me thinking about our western world in which we know how the things are done and what it is all about. The biggest part of our day is work and of course we need to work to buy food and to pay for our basic living, but what happens we are greedy and we want more and more and more. We want bigger apartment, house, care more expensive brands to show to others and of course for that we need to work harder and longer hours. What happens as a consequence of that. Our relationships are week, our health is getting week and we start to chase for the things that do not bring inner peace and happiness. Like Bruce Springsteen says in his song Devils and Dust, We’re just trying to survive, What if what you do to survive, Kills the things you love. Soon the things that we love becomes the thing that are advertised and sold. We kind of lost our track in this western world. What about passion, intuition and just taking the time to admire sunset or sunrise and to be grateful for what you have not sad for the things you don’t have.

every step up that mountain Will be more than worth countin’

DSCF2447One of the most special moments was hiking on Adams peak. Adams peak is 2234m high and you need to climb more than 5200 steps to the top. You start the hike in the middle of the night, you take the lamp and you go. You only se few steps in front of you and slowly you fall in trans and you are just walking and looking in the stars. At least I had that experience. On my way I was thinking all sorts of things and sorting some things in my life. When the sky is so full of stars you also see amazing shooting stars and making some wishes. And higher you go, more steps you climb more and more closures in your life you make at least I did. When I came to the top was windy and cold, but I felt different I knew that I was honest to myself and finally accept some things and I was proud of myself to make some decisions on my way. Before my trip, I listened a song Walk like a man from Bon Jovi and onBon Jovi and on that mountain the lyrics made all the sense I needed. The lessons you learn won’t be the ones that you plan and for sure every step up was worth countin`. I was blessed with some lessons and with breathtaking sunrise that made whole experience even more amazing.

be careful what you wish for

DSCF3506There were some moments that some time ago I dreamed that would happen and they actually did. I wished that on my trip I would meet amazing people who would give me hope that I am not crazy when I believe that this world is a wonderful place to live. It started all on my first flight, continued with meeting group with which I traveled and meeting random group of people and someone who traveled alone. All and each of them gave a special part of the story. They made my trip even more unforgettable. It was amazing as if I look at the group that I have traveled with, we are all so different but we got along from the first moment and had really great time and fun for two weeks. I am really grateful for them to come to my life. And they are each and every one so unique and special, the world can be blessed to have them. And the lesson is that in life if you wish for great people they will come as long if you are open to the gift that they are bringing. Life or the universe always gives you the right people at the right time, but the time shows why they came.


DSCF3222In the beginning I explained what Serendipity means there was one moment that I will not explain in detail, let me just say that on the trip universe  brought me one person twice. And for that I say that was serendipity. Why that happened I don’t know I can only say that I am grateful for that. Like Bon Jovi song Beautiful day says: and It’s that time in your life, You want a day to happen twice, So between now and then …… I believe in everything as Serendipity and Sri Lanka are connected in their origin.

Trip not only gave me sun, good food, new experience, but gave me new point of life. I am setting new path for me and accept what life has planned for me.  And most of all I came back happy and grateful.