I am somewhere over the Middle East flying to Sri Lanka, where I will spend two weeks off well earned and deserved holiday. I am so happy I would scream and dance like crazy, but I think that wouldn’t be a smart idea of a plane. The past few months were hard and full of stress but yesterday when I was leaving the office I felt freedom.

When I was leaving home today there was a song Dancing in the dark on the radio and it got me thinking, that like all adventures this one will be the beginning of something new (you can’t start a fire worrying your little world falling apart). And after take off I checked music selection on the flight and there was five Bruce Springsteen albums (I was like a kid in a candy shop 🙂 ). Listening to music got me thinking that life itself is amazing thing and we as individuals are even more amazing.

Life serves us challenges, gifts, opportunities and it gives us itself. How we see and accept those things is entirely up to us and we are amazing don’t forget. We face challengNickleback rcome them, we fall in love, we cry, we fall in love again, we forgive, we learn, we grow and we give. And if you look at it this way you will see how far did you get and how unique and amazing you are. We are a unique mix of mind, soul and body. Being strong and happy is the biggest gift we can give to the world and there is a song of Nickleback with lyrics: Each day is a gift not a giving right and I agree we should be thankful for our life every day. A couple of weeks ago I had a day that I have heard the song welcome wherever you are, all day long which has strong and powerful lyrics saying that right here right now you are right there where you supposed to be. Sometimes in life we are chasing something we want, we need and forget to treasure the moments and people right here, right now where our life is going on.

I can’t wait to land on Sri Lank to start my adventure, to see their culture to eat fresh fruit and simply enjoy life and I think that in a next two weeks I will learn a lot about myself and come back a better person. I can’t wait to see a friend and learn more about his country and get to know him even better.

Ooo yeaah life is so amazing and it is getting more beautiful with every breath I take. State of mind that we are responsible for our own happiness and that we can’t overcome our challenges give me even more optimistic point of view on life.