In every relationship, business, family, friendships there are two or more individuals who each have their  own reality. And the fact is that we are all fighting for our own reality. We all wish to be happy and not being hurt in any aspect of our lives.

Why we are building our reality in a way we do and why sometimes we have such a problem facing the fact that our reality is nothing else than running from the real reality. In our reality we feel safe and safety is one of the most important feeling for almost anybody. We are willing to lose are safety only when the price is high enough for us. In our lives, we are not doing anything else than doing the math 🙂

Our reality is built with bricks of our past, our fears, desires and the need that we are accepted and loved.

Sometimes it happens that we see the world only through those things and are giving us the reasons to believe in our own reality.

And our reality works fine till we are in the environment that we know, till we are being surrounded with people that we know. But we all know that the only constant in life is change.

If someone says I haven’t changed  I am still the same. The mankind came from living in the cages to flying with planes all over the world. The mankind is changing everyday and searching the ways how to make life easier and how to find a good living in this crazy world. And everything is changing. And if you are still the same as you were 10 years ago that only means that you haven’t done anything to grow as a person. And reality around you changed if you like it or not you grew old.

People often say I need a change, but when facing the fact that change brings new reality they step back to what they know and let go the opportunity to grow, to be more happy to have new experiences

One of most common moments when a lot of people rather step back and hold their reality than embrace new experiences and growth is when entering new relationships. Relationships are the most intimate way to see that maybe our reality is not the ultimate one. When you enter relationship you learn, you grow and you change and if you want it or not your reality change.

I have 5 steps how embrace the changes that will bring growth and happiness to your life:

Step 1: Don’t be afraid to lose control.

Step 2: Don’t jump to conclusions – Talk and search for different ways to see the reality, to see it from

another perspective.

Step 3: Allow the time to changes take place in your life.

Step 4: Let new people close, listen to them and talk (talk about solutions not problems).

Step 5: Let new to become a part of your life.