If you are a manager than setting goals is one of your regular tasks, however, do you ever come across the fact that goals are not reached, your employees seems unsatisfied, frustrated with the goals and all you keep doing is to search for ideas that will change the plan so you could reach the goals. And sometimes all that seems just like running around circles and you and your team are losing faith and motivation.

Have you ever asked yourself, what If I set the goal the wrong way?  We are often driven by our wishes and desires however this is not the same that setting goals.  I would recommend that you check if your goal is set the right way and if you have everything to get there. How to do that.

Checking if the goal is set the right way.

Questions that you need to give to yourself are not just for checking the goal as well as to check if you communicated it well with your employees. In order to check if you set your business goal correct way is to answer the following questions.

Is your goal specific?

Can you explain your goal with one sentence and determinate it so anybody would understand it? You, your employees and also your business partners need to understand the goal so it cannot be misunderstood.

Can you measure your goal?

How will you know that you reached your goal or that you are closer to achieving it? You need to set measurable rules on which your employees would know that they are going in the right direction. It helps them to stay motivated when they observe their progress. Especially if your motivation model is based on achieving goals.

Do you communicate your goal in the way if it would already happen?

Communicate your goal in a way as if it would already happen and explain what would that mean for the team, for the company and for them individually. This is how you will set the picture in which employees will see their benefits and that will help them to be motivated and involved in the process.

Are your goals realistic?

This is the aspect of setting goals that managers often forgot to take in consideration. Is goal or are goals achievable? On how realistic is your goal influences, environment, behavior, capabilities, beliefs, values, identify and higher purpose of the goal. In my next post, you will be able to read how to check if your goal is realistic.

When will you achieve the goal?

You need to set time-based plan on how you will achieve your goal. That gives your employees the chance to effectively coordinate necessary activities to reach the goal on time.

In the end, there is also one thing that will help your employees to stay on track. My advice is to write down the goal and post it somewhere everybody can see. When they come to the office, in the department kitchen, welcoming screen on their computers.

And never forget to celebrate each of the major steps in the way to your goal. Be thankful for the team and give them credits for success.

Do you have everything to reach the goal, read it in my next post?

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