We aim to achieve our goals, ambitions, ideals and to be successful? And of course what grows in the neighbors’ garden always seems better then what grows in ours. I think that aiming towards our goals and ambitions is good and right thing to do, but do we live our lives while we are on the road of achievement?

John Lennon once said. Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.

Life happens either we like it or not however the result of life that happens is mainly consequence of our decisions.

Sometimes we do not even see the life that happened to us.

I am one of the “goal achievers” and there was a moment that hit me, I have achieved all my goals so far, but why I have a feeling that something is missing. I competed at climbing, finished my diploma, finish my masters, become a mediator, finish education for Neurolinguistic master practitioner, tried my own business, move in my own apartment ….So why did I have a feeling that something is missing, achieving all that by the age 29?

Then I looked back for the last 15 years and noticed that life happened and life that happened made me who I am today. Like it happens to everyone on this planet. My relationships came and left my life, people that were close are now almost strangers, people that were strangers are one off my dearest treasures in my life, people in my life died some were born, I fell in love in music found inspiration and I traveled ass much as I could. And all this and more is my life. However looking back was not all great and positive experience I noticed that come choices that I toke were not the most suitable for what I needed in life but they served the purpose of my goals that sometimes weren’t entirely my one but driven by the environment, expectations or just something I decided 🙂

Sometimes what happens is that we are on the point that we need to make decisions and take the chances, go left or right. Decisions can be hard and there are times that they seem easy. However every choice we take have the same risk IS WHAT WE WANT REALLY WHAT WE NEED?

We need to be aware that we do not forget to  live or life while we are aiming to achieve our goals, let people close, enjoy free time, relax, be thankful, be happy, be in love, be crazy…. Because do achieving our goals mean anything If we do not have people who know us better than we know ourselves to be happy for us and with us, if we are not healthy and If we do not have time to enjoy our success?