It is a sad day for rock today. Joe Cocker left us and my empty feeling somehow made me think about his work and how he inspired me. 15th of November 2010 was the last time I saw him live in Ljubljana. The hall was just finished and completely not suitable for a concert for such performer as Joe Cocker was. But today this is not important. The important is that we remember him for his work and al the treasures that he gave us.

Sometimes people forget how much small things that we do really give to people around us. And how our passion can inspire others. If you can imagine that there was a day when Joe sat alone in his room and he got an idea for the song you are so beautiful he put together a song and maybe he thought people will like it and then when people heard it has become so much more. Can you imagine how many apologies in relationships were said with help of this song? Or how many love, at first sight, happened when there was a song You Can Leave Your Hat on in the bars and clubs. And how many friendships were built and become stronger based on a song with a Little Help from My friends? And I could go on and on and on.

Little Help from My Friends

But the most important thing today is that we have to know that everything we do somehow influences others and doing the things that we love and share our passion can do more than just make our days it could become the inspiration for the whole world. And sometimes 3 minutes song seems like nothing but those 3 minutes can save a life for somebody. So it does not matter what you do you have to know that you are inspiration just like Joe Cocker was the only difference is that you know the people that you inspire and help them to go through their lives and that Joe Cocker knew a few people that he inspired but he inspired millions and the message is that it doesn’t matter how many people you inspire the only thing that matters is that you feel your life and inspire world around you.