I have written the title of this post a few months ago after listening a song of Richie Sambora and again lately I have been listening to the song more often. I felt that song have some meaning this time but somehow I couldn’t connect it to lesson that I have to learn, till today. My boss gave me a contact of someone who is blind and he surfs online, as we are in web business my job was to talk with him to evaluate how friendly our website is to blind people. The meeting gave me sooooo much more. It gave me very valuable gift that changed me 🙂

We first talked about how blind people use internet and all sorts of things and then I have found myself in my little world thinking about obstacles that we have in everyday life. We talked about the difference of losing sights when you are young or older, how environment accepts that someone is blind or becomes blind.  How blindness affects partnerships, families, friendships and how many of them falls apart because one becomes blind.

And I asked myself. Are people really that shallow? Isn`t the point of partnership and all relationships in our lives that we are with someone that we love, respect and admire for WHO they are. And I must admit that I have found myself that sometimes my level of accepting people isn`t as high that I would like to see in me.  I gave myself a homework that I will learn how to accept people even more and how I will be careful that people in my life that I love will stay there. I am truly grateful for the people that I have in my life and I am grateful for the lessons that they have gave me.  And I am grateful to meet this man today as he was a symbol that I need to spread positive thinking and teach people how to accept others and how to embrace every moment in our lives.

When I was driving home lyrics of the song came to my mind and gave me the answer to why this song was so powerful to me

There’s a world in every drop of rain

Embracing oceans sweep us home again

Come along with me, come along with me

Seek the truth, you shall not find another lie

The positive thinking and awareness of our inner power gives us endless possibilities that we make something from ourselves. In our search to find the answer we have to open our eyes and hearts.

They say for every living thing

There’s a guide up in the sky

That helps you pass from world to world

So you never really die


Then with scythe and cloak

Death comes waltzing to your side

As the visions pass you ask

If there was meaning to your life

As you strain to hear the answer, spirits sing, and devils fiddle

As he bends to whisper in your hear, he leaves you one more riddle

What is the meaning in our lives, why are we here ( or why we have chosen this life) to live our life. I belive that we are all gifted with our talents or limitations so we can be the best in what are we talented in and to push our limitations and fight them and teach people that most of our limitations is in our mind, not our bodies.

Oh, the answer lies beyond the pain

All the questions in our minds, we surely ask in vain

Come along with me, come along with me

Seek the truth, and you shall find another life


Sometimes lessons that are the most valuable are learned in most painful moments and there are times that we ask the universe why, we have suffer to learn. We can ask any question in our mind but path to the answer is as long as it has to be.  We need to embrace all the tests that life serve us as those tests make us stronger, better, richer and closer to us.


And now my life is like a storm

Growing stronger every day

Like the unrelenting wind

That comes to blow our lives away

So I live each day like I know it’s my last

If there is no future there must be no past

Lesson by lesson, pain by pain, test by test we have the chance to learn how to live our life to the fullest. I think that living for the moment can be good sometimes but not always, however being able to feel each moment is the richest gift that we can give it to us. Not looking back and not to build illusions but be in the moment and make the best of it is the point of being who you wish to be and that is how you become stronger day by day.

Now I know the answers never meant a thing

And with each instant that I breathe

I feel the joy that life can bring

Come along with me, come along with me

Seek the truth, you shall not find another lie

Come along with me, come along with me

Seek the truth, you shall not find another lie


Do we really need to be blind to see the meaning in our lives, to see the gift of live and the joy that life can bring? The answer does not mean a thing as the most valuable is the path of learning, searching for the answer.

Are you happy to be breathing the air in the fall, are you happy to see the sun, are you happy that you hear the music, and are you grateful for all of this? Are you the reason for which someone says that he or she is grateful to have you in their life?

The answer is the non-stopping search to become who you want to be.