One short post 🙂

Some could say that I am not normal. But I do not mind that. I am who I am and it feels good to be me. Today I realized that there are three song titles that basically describe how I live my life.
As I often say there are 3 aspects of my life that are important to me. And when all three are how I wish they are I am complete as a person.

1. Personal life ( my relationships, friends, and family)
2. My connection to my life ( I need to feel my life and live it every day, just existing is not enough for me)
3. Work – to enjoy in what I do for a living.

The song that describes the best on how I run my personal life is Tougher than the rest. I obligate myself every day to be there for everyone that I call my love, family, friend.
For my connection in life and my work, there are two songs that I think best describe my way of living my life and working. That is 18 till I die, as I try not to lose the child in me, the hope and visions that I had when I was 18. The inner power that anything is possible. The second song is I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead as I think that now is the time to try everything. To do what needs to be done to get myself to the point I want to be.