It has been a long time since my last post. Not because I did not have any inspiration but because I just did not find the time to talk to myself.  And again my life gave me something to think about. Last week I was at some conference for my work. I wasn`t excited to go, but I said to myself a few days out of office will do me good. Maybe I will get some ideas on how to make my work easier and more effective.

First I have to say that I think that life gives me a lot of presents. I sometimes do not even believe that it is true and I think I will wake up someday to a different reality.

In a conference, I meet one Slovenian artist who gave me a lot to think about me, life, good people and passion. And one of the most valuable lesson that he gave me was that there are Bruce and Jon in every one of us. As you probably already figure it out I love to listen to how people think. How they see the world around themselves. How they see themselves as an active part of their environment.

The funny thing is that I really love rock music and I seldom listen to different types of music. However, he made me listen to some of his rap songs as the conversation that we had made me curious about the whole picture of who he is. But let me explain it step by step how he gave me an inspiration for this post.

A good heart

He explained during the diner what is he doing in his local community and I saw the passion in his eyes. The kind of passion that I saw in people that I respect the most. He had energy and maybe I am naive but I can say that he has a good heart. All I can say that he is an example of pure goodness. He Is a successful artist who did not forget his local community and he gives back a lot. Loves his life, he respects people and he sees the best in them. He is working with children and all I have concluded that these children will be better people because of him in their lives.

And then on a drink after dinner, he asked me what kind of music I listen to. I was expecting a bit different response after I said Bruce Springsteen but he surprised me with the fact that he likes the song Two Hearts. And then he asked me: do you like hard-working people as Bruce and Jon are hard-working on the stage. When I said it is not about hard work it is about the fact that they love what they do. I realized that I have someone like those two in front of me.

What I got proven in our conversation is that I am not the only one who thinks that:

Hard work, good heart and seeing the things from a positive perspective will get you where you want to be.

We all have dreams, we all have secret wishes and only we can make them real. He was applying one of his projects at the conference and he did not get the award. He was sad and disappointed. But he said one thing: They do not see us and our work, but we have to carry on, make new and even better projects and show them quality until they see it.

At that time there were two things that went through my mind

1. I wish that everyone would think like that

2.  Then a bit later (this words of his kept spinning in my head) I thought what Jon said Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.

And 2 days later I am still impressed by how positive attitude he has and one song badlands just gave me flash back on that evening.

every one of us is insanely talented