Yesterday I had a birthday party with my friend. And like always my friends make sure I have had a great time. So I had a recovery day today, listening to music, chilling and playing with my thoughts. I have realized how big part of my life is rock music.  I listened to all kind of rock music. From different countries, periods of time, artists and tried to find that thing that sparks that music gives it to me.

I could not find that one thing but I realized something bigger. The thing that attracts me in rock music and gives me power when I need it is the art of rock music and the people and work behind each song.

Songs sometimes have maybe just that one word that enables me to see beyond all mind frames and obstacles that I have built. And that is why it helps me to grow as a person. Like Bruce Springsteen said in song no surrender. “We learned more from a 3-minute record, baby than we ever learned in school”

Sometimes I am misunderstood, feeling down, or just trying to figure something out. I usually turn on YouTube and search for random songs. And then comes that moment of pure inner connection when a song, lyrics or melody move something inside me.

Rock for life

A few years now I am reading about Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi. Because I am trying to understand the messages in their songs.  So far I can say that I have the deepest admiration for all members of their band.

They have both find the perfect balance in life, balancing their love, family, work, passion, and personal goals. I admire Jon`s dedication and his business point of view and how he knew he wants to become a rock star. And how he dedicated everything to this in life. He made it and he remains a good as a person and he stayed true to his values.

And I admire Bruce for keeping his passion and joy for making music. He stayed artist and family man. In his concert, you get the feeling that he even enjoys the show more than his fans. He managed and is managing to be open to people. He keeps his private life private despite the fact that his wife is a part of the band.

My goals in life are going towards being complete as a person. Those two are truly my idols how to balance everything in life and remain true to yourself.