Being happy, sharing happiness and help others to be happy. That should be the motto of the day, but not just today, every day. Happiness is something that each and every one of us defines differently, however, I think that that inner emotion that we have when we are happy in quite similar for everyone.  The true joy in life is finding happiness in small things and moments and treasure that moments and be grateful for them.

How often do you express your gratitude to people with whom you are happy? Who makes you laugh, who make you feel you so you can be crazy, loving, dreamy or whatever you wish to be this particular moment.

The biggest treasure that you always carry with you and you can give it to yourself or anybody that you meet is your smile. A smile is like a virus, the best one in this world.

And I dare you with an experiment. Try to smile at everybody you meet. They will mostly respond with a smile, they will lift their hand, fixed their shoulder and they will stand tall. And when you are standing tall it is hard to be anything else than happy.

So spread happiness with your smile, it is unique and beautiful! REMEMBER THAT!

And in the end, I wish to share a song with you. It is not related to happiness, however, it always makes me smile wherever  I am.