It has been a while since my last post. I admit I had a lack of inspiration. When I have started to write this blog I have said that I will give the world something positive and inspirational. So in the past month, I needed to find myself again. I was not sad or depressed however I did not have that inner energy and power that I usually have. No worries I have found that piece of me that makes me feel like I would be high. I just love my life and each moment that I spent on this earth.

You probably wonder what I have learned about myself.

I have learned something that gave me a whole new perspective in life. There is something that everybody is talking about. But how many people really live the saying that there is just one life you are going to get to live it.

I have questioned myself. Do I really live my life the way that it will get me to the point to be complete? I think to be complete you have to manage to balance between work (career ), love, social environment and yourself.

The road to completeness when you are close to the finish line and you look back can be quite funny. At least that is how I see mine.

My way

When I was young (or better younger) I saw just the moment that I was in. So you can imagine. If you see just that one moment it can be quite stressful as every single moment goes for life or death.

But then no reason why there comes a moment when you ask your self why am I stressing about these things. And that brings you to the fact that you need to know WHO and WHAT you wish to become and the most important question WHY.

When you answer yourself this three questions you can answer yourself why are you stressing about something? The answers also enable you to decide if it is worth it or not?

Do you know what’s worth fighting for

When it’s not worth dying for

WHO – the question that starts with how you wish to feel, how will you look like when you become who you want to become. Can you imagine the moment that you will realize that you have made it be complete?  Who you wish to become if you gather all the levels of life ( love, work, family and friends and your personal growth)

WHAT – if who is your inner process is the answer to what something you can check on outside. How will your home look like, how will your partner look like, what kind of job will you have, how many children, what kind of financial status will you have, will you travel….?  And as I have said the point of life is a balance. So it is important that you have that big picture of how you wish that your life will look like when you are complete.

Questions to be asked

WHY – the most important question. Please, when you ask yourself this question please be honest with yourself. Why did you want to become WHO and WHAT you want to become? For your self or to prove everybody else something? If you want to become something and somebody for yourself great just be strong and walk the path that is needed to achieve that.

If the motivation to become somebody comes from proving something to your social environment you need to think it through. Is it worth it because this is just like fashion? If something is in fashion today and you wish to prove to the world that you can do it, make it. However, you need to realize that you will have to work some time to get there. But fashion changes and in the and you will wear 5 years out of fashion dress. My point is that if you are doing or living your life to impress others. You will not get the satisfaction that you deserve and wish to have.

So be you, figure out what you wish. What something means for you and do just the things that make you complete as a person. And prove yourself. Even sometimes times the battles are hard and there will be a period of your life that hardly anyone will understand you. You will stay true to yourself and walk your way from a negative environment.

And yes I have done my homework and checked if I go my way. And yes I am walking on my path and I am more and more complete each day.