Past 24 hours were emotional, spiritual and self-reflecting. A working week behind me was full of new challenges. And on Friday afternoon my head was tired and  I needed something to empty my head and fill my heart. So I went climbing. And like the whole universe would know that I need to find my inner peace again. I came to the climbing center and I was all alone. There were just me, climbing wall and rock n` roll on my mp3.

I remembered the old times when I still trained. Came to practice with one and the only goal and that is to be better than I was yesterday.  And that made me think why I have that desire to beat my self up. And I also found an answer. It is all Jon Bon Jovi`s fault 🙂 no it is not I am just kidding. But he said one sentence that explains my hardness on myself and that is.

Never get too comfortable with who you are at any given time. You may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be.

And I know who I want to be and the fact is that the road to there is long and challenging. But I love it and I enjoy every step on it. There is just one thing I need to be careful and that is that I reward myself for every step I make. As when I am going to look back on the path. I wish to have great memories and I wish to remember the moments that were the most important.

When I was climbing. I had my inner fight when my body was tired and it wanted to quit. But my mind, my wishes and the feeling of self-control proved me that I can do it. My mind slowly went from analyzing past week to analyzing the moment that it was in. And then came the moment that I fund myself in my pure intimacy again.  There was me on the wall, breathing, thinking about my movement, how I hold holds and what will be my next move. I was there the world before and after did not exist I was there with me, myself and I.  And this is one of those moments that Bruce Springsteen describes as the moment that something happens, or maybe nothing happens.

That one moment that you realize that you are happy to be alive, the pure moment of self-awareness.

Then on the end when I was so tired I decided to go home as my arms did not hold me any more two guys came into the climbing center and after a short conversation I saw what I think what all climbers have in common. We all need to go towards our own perfection. Then I went to visit my friend and we had I glass of wine and chat for a perfect end of the evening.

This morning my thoughts went to a friend who had the challenge to win a world cup today. So my morning was full of high hopes for him. However, the day was just not the right one and he lost that battle. When I saw the results I was as sad as they were mine own,  as I know how much work, time and dedication he puts in his career. I guess that’s why they called the sports luck and he had none today.

In my heart, I wish that everyone that works hard on their dreams gets to see them become a reality. But that is their dreams, their work so I can not do anything to help them or make them a reality sooner than they are meant to be. And the reality is that we are all responsible for our lives, dreams and visions and the fact is that sometimes we need to wait for the right time and this is the thing that we say that sometimes life isn`t fair.

And when life does not go according to our plans all that matters are the people who believe in us and stand beside us and show us that they are our protection.