I haven’t written anything for the past 12 days. But that does not mean that there was nothing that I would think about. I thought about my life motto of which I will write another day. Now I am thinking a lot about how we are all energetically connected. How we send signals to each other.  And I asked myself are there just coincidences or is there something more than that.

Did you ever get the feeling that you know hat is about to happen? Who will you meet and something inside moved you to do something or go somewhere without any specific reason?  Because you knew that someone will be there or something will happen. I had three of this moments happen this week. And they really made me think a lot about the energy that is all around us and even inside us. And another question came to my mind is there just our thoughts, feeling and energy or do we need to connect. If there is just luck than everything that had to happen were just coincidences. But if we need to connect to get this vibes. That there is a whole new area of exploring to do for me.

We have the power

If we have the ability to connect to other people can you imagine the power that we have to build relationships? To be in the right place at the right time and to go away from the people and places that will not bring the things we need into our lives. And do you imagine the power that we have by this in order to help others? If we can do this we can really find ourselves with much less try and test and hurt the process.

I do not know much about this but I am sure that I will explore this theory. One thing I did come to conclusion is. All week I felt good about myself. I had that feeling of easiness inside, I sang in the car, danced and I believed that good things will come to me. Believing I am a good person and I made one promise to myself previous Sunday and that is that I will show my kindness to people and I will care more for people that are close to me.

I do not know if those two things are related but as I said I will need to explore more about my theory.