The world is cruel and you have to fight day by day to make it. There are obstacles on your life path. There are tests that life serves you. But in the end, you see that you are your own worst enemy most of the time. The problem or lack of inspiration for writing came a few days ago. When life put me in front of the mirror. I realized that I was my own worst enemy when it comes to the things I treasure the most in life. The ways that I have protected myself reflected in my personal space in such a way that it is hard for anybody to come close to me.

There’s a face you know
Staring back from the shop window
The condition you’re in
Now you just can’t get out of this skin

The times they got too clear
So you removed all the mirrors
Once the family felt secure
Now no one’s very sure

My own worst enemy

And when I realized that I have started to think about how I can change that it came to the truth. I have made quite a long way in the wrong direction. Changing this thing will take me a long time to fix the mess.  I will also have to make a lot of changes in my state of mind. How, where and why are the questions that I need to answer myself. Of course, I made a plan for me as I am kind of a bit of let say a bit of freak 😉 but I know that in the end, I will overcome my enemy inside of me.

So my first step is to find the power of open conversation evolving emotions inside of me. The second step is to make closure or new beginnings not based on my imagination and experiences. But based on the answers on the other side.

I will not put too much on me so by the end of this year I should manage my first two steps. 🙂