Two things made me thinking today. Well, two songs made me think about my following actions. I thought about some very successful people I know. The first song that inspired me today was Stick to your guns by Bon Jovi and the second was also a Bon Jovi song If That’s What It Takes. The second song is generally a love song however today it got me inspired in a completely different topic. I was thinking what is in common to successful people, how do they think, how do they act.

For me as I see people who made it have in common following things:

  • principles
  • focus
  • determination
  • plan
  • understanding and knowing themselves


Principles are very important for everything in life. They give us directions and boundaries of understanding the wrong and right way.  And here is the first trick that successful people manage to do. The general public, family and environmental principles are not always the same as our individual ones. So everybody has options to follow his own principles even-though that means that the general public, friends or family will disprove his or her actions and that would have an impact on their support. Sticking to your guns makes you unique and winners are unique. It doesn`t matter if you are businessmen/woman, athlete, entrepreneur you need to stick to your principles even sometimes the whole world is screaming that they are wrong.

If that’s what it takes, that’s what I’d do.

Focus and determination go hand in hand with success and there is no success if you back down. You have to sell your idea, a vision first to yourself than to others, your competition, family, friends, general public. Nobody should get you unprepared of any questions or doubts. the sentence that is ringing in my mind that describes the state of mind of successful people is If that’s what it takes, that’s what I’d do.

The determination and willingness to do all that it takes make a difference between a having dreams and living them. People who have that state of mind are not waiting for something to happen, they make the moment happen. Basically, that kind of people respond to their own dreams and plans and they are very self-critical and If you would ask them they will tell all the things they have to do and also everything that they have done wrong so far and what they have learned from their mistakes.

And they have a plan! A plan is nothing else than answers to next questions,

What?, Where?, When?, How? Why?

From what I have written you can know what I mean with understanding and knowing himself or herself. Successful people are fighting many obstacles form which most of them are their inner struggles and limitations that they have to face and overtake them so they spend a lot of time dealing with themselves, they know what motivates them, they know what brings them down, they know their reactions and they know their limitations.

However, the biggest challenge is to stay strong so many successful people have problems with entering in an intimate relationship where they would need to reveal themselves as that could mean that they would become vulnerable in all other areas of their life. When you are an athlete or in business ( nowadays there aren`t many differences) you have to be strong, better than others and it is hard to handle your private you and your professional you. However I believe that if you are just successful you are missing a lot of things ad the path of success is not always a rose garden and only that someone special can give you that extra support that you need when you meet hard times and pure joy of winning  is complete when you have that someone who knows you deeply and can share your joy.