Should I? Could I?
Have said the wrong things right a thousand times
If I could just rewind, I see it in my mind
If I could turn back time, you’d still be mine

Have you ever regret doing something or not doing something. Have you ever questioned what would happen if you would……

I learned my lesson today, that it doesn`t count that. If you can explain yourself do it if not that means that you will get it right next time.

There aren`t any regrets there are just life lessons. Sometimes it hurts when we wish to know what could happen but I think that sometimes we will get the big picture somewhere in the future and maybe with completely different people. So just keep the faith and if you are sometimes misunderstood just remember you are only human and I you were misunderstood in a situation that involved another person you should know that it is not just your job to understand and be understood and be reminded ask questions.