Today I got my mind set around fears. We have the ability to build up fears on almost anything. Love, business, success, family, health, tomorrow and I could go on and on and on. Why do we have fear? If we look in an animal kingdom fear is one of the primary instinctive emotions. When animals are facing danger or something unknown fear protect them. People are not so different than animals when it comes to fear. But we somehow developed the ability to feel fear for everyday things and this fear can pull us down.

Most often fear impacts on our actions in life. The worst thing is that when we come across the obstacle we do not jump over it, but we get stuck in front of it. But let’s talk a bit about what fear even is. Usually, we build our fears based on our own perception of what kind result will our action bring. But what we do not knot that our perception is based on our knowledge, experiences, and fears. If I can be a bit daring the percentage of how our perceptions of results of our actions are build is knowledge 5%, experiences 35% and fear and our imagination 60%. That means bigger imagination you have, bigger fears you can build. Sometimes fears can drive you in the wrong direction.

Don’t let fear stop you

We all do try to survive, to build our career, family, find the love of our lives, but what is our fears makes us do the things that at the same moment kill the thing we love and need. And fear is like devils and dust. Fear is the devil because it is building our limits which are not real. Fear disables our ability for being in relationships. It builds the wrong image of who we are and who we can be. And it is dust, each time that we do not do something because we are afraid or results that our action will bring. We allow that one layer of dust covers our heart and mind. And if we keep on and let our fears overcome our desires soon the burden of dust will be too heavy to carry or of going towards our goals and vision.

But be reminded that you are the one who has a finger on a trigger. Trust or no trust if you shout you will know the real result. You can handle them as a pure truth and that is the only thing that counts. When you shoot you free your self of devils and dust.