I have not written anything yesterday as I was to busy to live my life 🙂 It all started yesterday at night. The evening before that I said to myself to go to bed early to get a good night sleep. I had tickets to see one (or for me biggest) Ex Yugoslavia rock band Parni Valjak and I wanted to be rested. But life does not go according to our plans.

I got a call at 2 AM from some guys that we used to hang out a lot. They invited them self to a drink at my place. And I got out of bed as I knew that they will be a good company. All that meant that I would not get a good night sleep. But I learned something very valuable people that are your neighbors or who live close by are important and having a good relationship with them means that just saying hello can make your day better.

lesson number 1:

Let people you know closer to you, let them in your life and accept their ways to make your life more fun, rich and happy. 

After a long night without a proper sleep. I woke up in a morning and as I woke up a lot later than I have planned 🙂 I had a lot of work to do and need to make arrangements for the afternoon and evening. We decided to go and take a walk through the center of our capital Ljubljana (to see decorations and get a bit of holiday spirit) and then to see the concert. I must say I do not remember when I had so much laughter that I had it yesterday but I guess I was in the flow.

The concert was so great is hard to describe but I got lesson number 2. The energy that they had was so strong that I think that everybody that saw the concert will be high for a couple of days. The bend is together for 38 years and they have strong connection and responsibility for the audience. Being professional and build a career based on your biggest passion is being responsible to yourself. And when someone is doing that you can feel it.

lesson number 2:

Define your true passion and what drives you and dedicate your life to it. You can be happy as a person only if you are doing the things that make you who you wish to be. 

And the weekend is not over yet. I am going to have dinner with 3 out of 4 my closest friends. We will have a first girls night out since one of them got the best job in the world, she became a mother. 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing them and to see the 4 friends tomorrow morning as this weekend gave me what is not a lesson but awakens that I am still a bunny so the lesson for me is.

lesson number 3:

Get yourself together and be brave when it comes to relationships. Be fair and honest. We are all afraid of being hurt. We all wish to have relationships and having someone to share the laughter, vision, goals, hard times. Love is better than living our lives alone.