Do you know anybody who is sweet, lovable, kind, good-looking? You know someone with the whole package but he or she is alone? But that is not the case that I would like to make a point today. I would like to make the point on those who have the package. But they are pushing away everybody that would like to come close to them. And I would like to call this group of people (male and female) bunnies. They are cute and also fearful. When I talk with bunnies they talk about relationships like a relationship would be a problem just to have them. And If there is a chemistry between someone and the bunny? The bunny will usually find a million reasons on how the chemistry does not exist. Do you know anybody like this or are you a bunny?


You need to know that bunnies do not treat them self superior. They are generally good people with good heart and most likely they have been hurt before. And all this attitude to look hard and hard to get is just building walls of protection. So they would not get hurt. People have a way of dealing with everything in life.

we can be oriented towards goals and finding a solution OR we can be oriented to run away from the pain or troubles that we have.

Or if a rephrase that our mind can spin around what we do not like or around what we like.  And if I look the bunnies, that I know, they have runners approach.  If they do not like and if it hurts or if there is a possibility that is going to hurt someday, they will run. The biggest problem when they are facing a problem is they do not know how to solve them. They are facing in the wrong direction and their normal response when they come in a situation when they need to open and express themselves. They step aside or run away. Like Bruce Springsteen says I would rather feel the hurt inside, yes I would darlin’, Than know the emptiness your heart must hide.

I will not try to show me in a perfect spot as I have been bunny not so long ago. I even tried to push people away with jokes based on what would happen if I would meet someone and just go. Yes, I know this kind of jokes is not ok. But losing a person made me thinking on how much we lose with my fight and protection. What I am trying to say is that building protections and running away from the pain does not protect us from being hurt.

You’re walkin’ tough baby, but you’re walkin’ blind
to the ties that bind

Ties that bind

The song the ties that bind is one of the strongest songs for me when it comes to thinking about relationships. I think that heart is love but the mind is protection. Sometimes heart feels the ties that bind but mind breaks them. I think that fewer people would be single if we would all listen to our heart when it comes to love and relationships. There would not be any bunnies as they would all cuddle with someone with whom they share the ties that bind. And I also think that we cannot break this ties. Because it is chemistry, energy and this does not go away so easily. The normal response of bunnies it to shout out the people who come to close, who can see behind the walls that they have built.

But whatever happens. Try to remember that before you turn in to bunny.

Take a deep breath and believe that there is someone for who is worth it to crush down all the walls. And If you are already a bunny crush down the walls and let people love you.