Every decision that we make influences in our environment. We have to ask our self. How, will our visions and goals and all the actions that we will need to take affected people around us. We have to know that when we live our lives and people that we know to live their lives we live our on kind of joint life. Let me explain you with an example. If your goals require from you to move abroad. That means that you will leave your family and friends and that means that not only your life would need to change but there will be changes in their lives to.

We are putting at stake our relationships, our lifestyles and everything else when we make the decision of following our dreams. And we need to put our influences into consideration. Do we wish to take responsibility for everything that comes in the package? because of that is important to talk with people who are closest to you regarding your decision. If you do not consider this and go forward with achieving your goal. And somewhere in the middle, you will see that you impacted the lives around you. How will you handle with this later on? If you discuss that with people you can find great arrangements with all of them. And you get that extra support that you need.