It is known that If you do not know where you going you do not know when you reach the goal. So that is why setting goals are an essential part for setting the conditions to reach them.

“Map out your future – but do it in pencil.
The road ahead is as long as you make it.
Make it worth the trip.”
Jon Bon Jovi

  Like Jon said you have to map your future so you know which way to take. It is important that you set your self a vision (mental picture of how it should be) so later on. You can set goals which are big steps to reach your vision. Make the map and do it in pencil. You never know what the future brings you and what kind of obstacles will you have to jump over on the way to achieving your goals and vision.

Set your goals

I think that it is important to set good goals and a technique that helps me to set goals and it is called the SMART method.

  • S stands for specific. You have to set your goals in a specific way as more specific they are easier is for you to find out what you need to do / change / learn to accomplish it.
  • M stands for measurable. Sometimes is tricky to measure your path and goal but is essential, so here are some tips. If your goal is running 10 kilometers in  55 minutes you would know when you reach your goal. But if your goal is to be more confident it is harder to set the measures so you have to think about how you will feel, look like when you will be closer to the goal.
  • An as if now. When thinking about the goals you need to picture them as if they would already happen. And it is also important to write them down. So if your goal is to play the guitar the proper way to write your goal down is ( 31Th March 2014 I am playing songs easily )
  • R Realistic is the next factor to set great goals. You have to answer your self next questions (Is achieving the goal dependent only on you? Do you have everything that is needed to accomplish the goal? …. )
  • T Time based means that you have to set yourself a date till which you have to accomplish your goal

You can use this method when setting any goal in your life. Try to set your goals in your private or professional life.