We all do have a dream right? What kind of dreams do you have?

  • Being a famous superstar.
  • Have a great career.
  • Having a big family.
  • Own your own farm.
  • Travel the world.
  • Spiritual search.

What I am trying to say is that it does not matter what kind of dreams you have. They are yours and you have everything inside you that you need to make them real. So I have decided that in December I will write some posts. The posts which they will be like a guide. And today post is like an introduction.  I was inspired by Bosses song working on a dream that made me thinking about my dreams and my work on them.

Now the cards I’ve drawn’s a rough hand, darling
I straighten the back and I’m working on a dream
I’m working on a dream

Come on!

I’m working on a dream
Though sometimes it feels so far away
I’m working on a dream
And I know it will be mine someday

Path to our dreams is long and all we have to know and believe that they will be ours someday.  So If you join me for the next month you will get a manual to kick ass start  to year 2014.  🙂