Before this post, I have started 4 others but stopped in the middle of each of them. 🙂 I was listening to one of my favorite playlists. And my mind started to travel across the globe and all of the great memories came back to me. All the places that I have traveled all the amazing people that I have met, all the concerts that I have seen. All that and I realized how strong I am today because of these experiences.

I have seen 19 stadium or big hall concerts. I have traveled to 13 different countries, some of them I visited more than 3 or 4 times. And where ever I was I always took my mp3 with me and music was with me all the time. And now when I hear some song I remember the moment that was something special in my life.

I guess what I am trying to say is that all the traveling and concerts I have seen made me richer as a person. Every day I carry memories that given me moments that proved to me I was wrong. I had the wrong beliefs on how some things are in this world and I got a new perspective. What is especially interesting to me is the fact that we are all facing the same challenges in life. But we all have our own unique way to cope with them. And all that it matters is that we have that feeling that push us forward and gives us the strength to believe

Don’t stop believin’

Like Journey says some will win, some will lose and some were born to sing the blues. But the most important is that our movie ends when we say so. We have the abilities and chance to change the story and to write it in every music genre that we want. We can sing or story in classics, rock, metal, pop, blues or even house. I chose my story to be in Rock as I believe that it has the right beat for me. Rock can be slow or fast I can sing ballad when I feel like it or I can play hard rock when the obstacles are high and I have to fight strong.

And I believe that all my experiences helped me to get here to this point of thinking.  I would like to thank myself for this beautiful journey till now and I am excited about my future. I know that I will need to work hard. But I do not mind that. I know that I will learn a lot about myself, my life and this world by doing what I am going to do.