I normally stay away from the news and  politics but today I  chase myself around the thought how the world came into the situation that is now facing:

  • poverty
  • unemployment
  • diseases
  • global warming
  • wars/terrorism
  • and I could go on and on

What happened, where mankind went wrong. And is there still time to fix this global mess. I have no intention to point fingers and I have no intention to look back, my thoughts today are going forward to the future so I asked myself. What can we do and what we all need to change. The fact is that the world is spinning around faster every day and we also need to be faster every day or else we will fall behind. I think that the things that I have mentioned before would not touch me so much if I would not see the effect of this things on my everyday life. The whole world is talking about the problems but I have not heard much about the solutions. And this made me thinking of a paradox.

Thinking and talking about problem results in just one way, you have bigger problems and more and more of them. Why?

Let me tell you simple story that I believe that we all faced at least once in our lives. I believe that we all had at least one challenge that we said to our self I can`t do this.  And we had a problem we wish to do/learn/get something however we explained to everybody how we can`t do/learn/ get something. And I believe that we were all also creative enough to find approximately  10000 reasons on how we can`t do something.  But this will never bring us to a solution, answer, to the things that we wish to do/learn/ get. Have you ever ask yourself how much energy did you spend thinking about the problem? Have you ever asked yourself what would you need to overcome the problem? And what will bring us there?

When a problem occurs try to think about solutions and be creative on the multiple choices that you have. Can you ask someone to help you, do you need new skills or knowledge……. The best thing about this is that it takes a lot less work than thinking about the problem. If you wish something you only need one reason to try. So if we would all stop thinking about the problems and we would talk what we need to do this world would be a much positive place to live on it.  Yes, we need to be critical but it would help us a lot if we would think and be creative on how things and why things are possible and good.

And in the end. Can you answer the following question:

What can you do, to make this world a better place?

What was the first thing that came to your mind? Was it a problem or a solution?

Listen to the Michel Jackson song heal the world that inspired me today:inspirational song that makes you think about the answers