Today I meant to spent morning writing my master thesis but somehow my thoughts keep slipping and spinning around my life, my future and at first, I did not see the reason for this but then it hit me I have been in the spotlight in my surroundings. You know how this thing goes, it seems like everybody would have a list of notes to ask you:

–          How is work

–          How is love (how come you do not have a boyfriend, you are not getting any younger, …..

–          And give comments on the way you live your life

Yes, that is what bordered me. Let me explain a bit of why this questions and comments are something that I prefer not to hear. I was raised up in a family where, me and my brother, were allowed to express ourselves, where was important what we wish to do and who we wish to become however the most people aren`t raised up like this. I think that I look a bit different on a marriage, having children, work and so on.

Living the life by the book

Generally in the environment that I grew up, and I think most of my generation grew up, there was something that I call “living the life by the book”. And what represents living the life by the book? It goes by the following steps.

  • Step 1: finish school (it does not matter which and be careful not to be too smart so undergraduate is more than enough)
  • Step 2: find a job (it is great if you enjoy at work but if you don`t, just shut up and be happy you have a job as you are going to be in the same position for the next 40 years)
  • Step 3: Find a partner (and do not be too picky)
  • Step 4: Get married and have children
  • Step 5:  be bored for the rest of your life.

Yeah, I think I have made two things in my life that make me write my own book the way I wish. First was training sports climbing where If you want it or not you explored yourself and search the way how to become more and more who you want to be. There are just questions and answers about you. And the second thing was seeing Bruce Springsteen from the first row.  Bruce and his energy was something that changed my life and all I can say. When people will watch me at work I want that people see someone who loves what she does.

Book of dreams

The chapters in my book go like this

  • Chapter 1: find yourself, your passion,
  • Chapter 2: set goals and vision
  • Chapter 3: surround yourself with people and environment that enables to reach that goals and vision
  • Chapter 4: learn to love yourself and people around you (sometimes people are different than you are but they are in your life to make your life richer, that you learn from them about life, love, friendship and yourself)
  • Chapter 5: keep the faith,  no matter what happens, fight, and always be good.
  • Chapter 6: feel your life and keep smiling, only positive thinking and goodness can bring good things in your life.


So If you will read my blog you will be reading my book of dreams.