Is a dream a lie if it doesn’t come true
or is it something worse?

I have listened to the song The River this morning. Somehow these lines do not go out of my head. We all have dreams. If you look around some people live their dreams and some people are just talking about theirs. They are putting the blame that their dreams did not come true on everything else and anybody else but themselves.

So what is the difference between these two groups of people? Dreams are our vision the picture of how it has to be at the finishing line. But to get there it is just up to us. Setting goals, submit our lives to them, actions and not giving up is the key to get to live your dreams.

And yes. If the dream doesn’t come true it is something worse and it is not a lie. If dreams do not come true it means that you gave up on yourself that you forgot who you once wanted to be.

I know that this is written kind of strong and without deepness but I could not help myself as I have realized that I skipped a few days of my work on my dreams so today I got back on track and now I am a day closer to my dreams.