What is your mission in this world? They say that you have just one chance to make it the way you want and I agree with this. I believe in the spiritual part of our existence also. So I do believe that we choose our life before we are born.  Our mission is to be happy whatever happiness means to each of us.

I guess years in climbing left a big part of the uncompromising struggle as my life motto. I see life as a climbing route.  A climbing route that we have chosen is our mission. If you ever climbed you know that it is all about you about your mind and body to collide. What is funny is that the body does what mind tells him to do. And if you think carefully there is just one thing that you have to do to reach the top, fix your mind and body will follow.

Fix your mind and body will follow.

On the way to the top, there is always some moments that inspire you and moments that bring you down.  There are people who give you wings and people who cut them.  Everybody has ups and downs and it is all about you how you and how you will handle those influences.

I have my goals in my life and when I think about them or doing something that will bring me closer to them I actually feel the beat of my life there is one unstoppable energy in my body. It helps me maintain my focus and believes in me.

I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd, You’re gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud”

I keep my mind in a way that my mind spins around moments and people that support me. They give me hope and power to proceed toward my goals. And I am happy to say that I have been blessed with people in my life that showed me that life is not just beautiful but that life is amazing. It is true that I can be amazed by very small things. Just yesterday I went for a run and there was a moment that  I looked up to the mountains and my heart was full of happiness with the realization of a fact that I am alive and I live where I live, surrounded with this beautiful nature and people that are around me).

On the way to your goals, there are the moments that are hard and you would like to back down and fade away in the group of average people.  Please do, stay true to yourself, to your dreams and to the path that you have chosen. If you ever heard a Bon Jovi song it`s my life and felt the message you probably know what I am talking about.  The power of believing in yourself too have the gut to be proud of your life and your mission that you have right here, right now. And you have to make while you live.

It’s my life, it’s now or never

Like Frankie said I did it my way, I am doing it my way.  The most important is that you feel your mission; the feelings will help you through hard times. How can I say I do not live my life by the book. I never did and sometimes people, especially older people who believed that what they see as the right way to live life, tried to pull me down and try to persuade me to change my mind, but I didn’t.  I sang to myself

Don’t bend, don’t break, baby, don’t back down

I was always a bit different, but that is who I am and I have no plan to apologize to anybody for that.  If there is anybody who stands on my way I can just say to them.


I will shine like a diamond and going to go my way, I am happy to find the company of amazing people, great family and a beautiful place on this planet called home.


You cannot drive a car without fuel and you cannot walk and accomplish your goals without inspiration. So are you inspired? Look at the people around you. Do they inspire you? Do you inspire them? We all need support and if you search in yourself for everything that you can give soon people will return you the support you will need on your life mission.  Remember it is all about: You will get what you give! So be good and positive and focus and that is it.