I listened to a song this morning that gave me a flash of me and my desires. The song was when you are alone. They say that everything comes in periods and a year is a period that somehow ends a circle and we can make some sort of evaluation. We are doing it so at New Year, birthday, anniversary, school year…  Why not do it as a loving year?

I was not the one who ran away a year ago, I was not the one who quit, who gave up but still, I was the one who learned a lesson. I was not the one who wanted to come home and maybe that is why I didn’t forget the bad things, yes they were very good times but I didn`t forget the bad times either.

Being alone

A was looking around me a lot to find answers to what happened. And I looked at other couples and ex-couples and I find out that we as a society got lost. Al that is important is to be alone, to prove that you can be alone, to stand out, to have the best outfit, to party and to prove something to an outside world. But at the end of the evening, you go home and you are still alone. So I questioned myself:

Who are we kidding?


What is important?

People break up and come back together and then facing the same problems. They have the same goal to be together and to be happy but they are fighting and asking themselves why? People can have the same goals. But if they do not have the same values and believes they will fight over what is important. And probably that is why they ended their relationship before. Of Corse in every relationship are good heavenly times that we all like to remember. But if we stand in time, there are the tough times that show us that. The times that love is not enough are the times that are stepping point in our relationships, can we stick together and become stronger or we broke.

People are coming back together because of the realization that when you`re alone you are nothing but alone. Then we remember the good times and we would like to come home, to the place that we know.  The lyric of Bruce Springsteen in the song tells everything.

Now I was young and pretty on the mean streets of the city

And I fought to make ’em my home

With just the shirt on my back I left and swore I’d never look back

And man I was gone gone gone

But there’s things that’ll knock you down you don’t even see coming

And send you crawling like a baby back home

You’re gonna find out that day sugar…


People actually do that seeking approval and looking for something more. You have to be careful how high you fly as in the end when you are alone you are nothing but alone. There are things that really knocks you down that you do not see a coming and that is life baby.

So you need one, THE one who is there for you who help you to find the sun when it rains. And the only thing that counts is to stick together in times that even love is not enough. To find that thing that is missing and to show to each other that you are not alone!