I set up this blog almost a month ago and something blocked my desire to write.  And then came something to make me do my leap of faith and I decided to write something. A month ago I lost my job and I felt stupid and useless for a while. But I did not allow myself to go down with those feelings. I made myself a plan. Found the things that I wished to do but somehow did not find any time to do them.

I think that everybody that comes in this situations in which they need to move forward but somehow they do not find the power to make that leap. My days were filled with my old sin my masters in marketing, this blog, and outdoor activities and planning my trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I have kept myself busy. I said to myself this is the time to enjoy life. Do what will make me happy and to stay motivated for the rest of my life. I did it! I did my leap. And like most of the times that I am inspired, I caught myself listening to one of Bruce Springsteen song that made me thinking about leaps that we make in our lives.

Leap of faith

Before every leap we are standing on the edge we can jump without knowing what the other side will bring us. Or we can turn around and take what this life lived this way serves us. Do not become that person who does not take a leap, not even returns, but just stuck before the challenge and freezes. You will miss the life which will just pass by you. The most important lesson that I have learned in my life is that life is short and it passes by quickly. You have to live it day by day,  you have to feel each moment.

If you do not have the courage to make the leap. Go back, search for strength, support, learn something new and then came back to the edge and JUMP!

In life, you have to keep moving. Sometimes that means to go back to learn more or to understand something from another perspective. But mainly yearn for your next LEAP.


That is a choice that we take and it is our leap our responsibility. Sometimes we need support sometimes we need someone to tell us that no matter what our choice will be we are still somebody who is who he or she is. When we are facing a turning point of our lives it takes, faith, guts, and trust.

I caught myself singing the lyrics of leap of faith. 🙂

I remembered all my leaps in my life that I have made and some I regret not doing them. Sometimes you do not even have to jump sometimes all you need it is just a first step. But that is the hardest one. When you decide to make something that is not in your life routine it really takes guts and the moment that you pass that first step and you feel that relief and inner strength and believe that everything is possible and at that time comes your inner voice: YOU CAN DO IT!