My mission is your development

The business world requires every company and every individual to be the best, and continuous development is urgent. The development of human resources and organizations must follow what the market demands.  Coaching4me offers you a unique approach to employee and process development. Are you ready to change your world? You want to improve yourself, you want to tolerate stress better, to finish the days with pride and smile on your face?

Your coach

Meet the coach that is going to take your business to the next level.
Maša Ribnikar Kajtner
Maša Ribnikar Kajtner


email: tel.: +386 41 885 423

    Coaching sessions
    In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected programs can raise your efficiency with:
    Personal coaching
    • Faster achievement of goals
    • Better communication
    • More satisfaction
    • Better self-esteem
    • Stress management
    Competence development
    • Greater efficiency and productivity
    • Lower costs
    • Higher competitiveness
    • Better Leadership
    • Increasing employee loyalty
    Integrated programs
    • Programs tailored to the needs
    • Cost efficiency
    • Time performance
    • Effective HR
    • Better business results

    Inside me

    Get to know me before you start working with me